Monday, April 1, 2013

Ruby plant

The first day that I received my plant was healthy, beautifully luscious and 17 cm in height. I named it Ruby and placed it in a room that gets approximately 50% to 20% sunlight. It experienced a regular circulation of fresh air ,but very few new shoots, 8 leaves dying, no flowers have bloomed and it has not increased in height. The overall appearance of the plant began to look dull.

Then I decided to move Ruby to a room where it could be closer to the windowsill and where my family was more frequently in. Since then Ruby's had 7 new shoots, 24 leaves dying and height being 17,6 cm. However      there is still no flowers present , Ruby's appearance continues to be dull and sad looking and some of the dead leaves which have sunk to the bottom of the jar has changed the water to a brownish colour.

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