Friday, March 30, 2012

Buenos dias everyone,

My name is Danica Carnow, I'm 18 years old and I'm X's other mother:-)
My family consists of four members and I am the youngest of the two children. I have kept fish as pets before, but I must admit that none of them were as cute as X. I'm currenty studying Environmental and Water Science, seening that I have a major interest in environmental sustainability and Earth's liquid gold. I enjoy playing computer games, watching movies, exploring the outdoors, listening to music and reading, but most of all I love CARZ!!:-)
X is residing with me at the moment while his other mother, Makeya, takes a break. Our little blue fighter is very shy, but I do seem to detect a slight attitude too (I guess that's what makes him even more cute) lol...I'm looking forward to monitoring X's progress and super excited to raise him with my partner:-)

I wish you all the best of luck with your fishies:-)....
Till next time, Iadios and take care=)...

so cute 

strange.....I placed Fanta in a bigger is swimming all around the filter...

Long Live The Fish!

Greetings Fellow Fishy owners!
My name is Kaylyn but most of my friends call me KK. I am the eldest child in my family yet my younger brother never lets me forget that i am the smallest as well. I live in Richwood and am doing a B.A degree majoring in geography and tourism at udubz. I love hiking, drumming, reading war novels and the rainbow pooping Nyan cat on youtube! Also I can speak a bit of Na'vi=) My crazy partner Qaadi=) and I are super excited to have our little feisty fishy, named Pirhana(munch munch!). I've currently gained custody of the little blue bugger and will be keeping my space on this site updated with blogs on the little guy's daily actions.
This would be the first time I own a fish, and the fact that its blue like the Avatar people is epic!!!
Long Live the Avatar Fish!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project X

 Fishy name: X

Hey my name is Makeya Karlie and im 18 years old. I finally got the blog running and im super exited!!! my partner is miss Carnow!! or X's other mother lol:-). X is so cute and he's a blue fighter. Read some of the other blogs already and i know its going to be super interesting and funny from what ive seen.
I have a super crazy and loud family at home but at uwc its worse lol!!!

Till next time xoxOxOxOxo


My name is Damian, I`m 18 years old and I live in Brackenfell. I am one of 4 family members so I only have one sibling, a very clever older brother, who is currently studying his Masters degree at Stellenbosch University. When it come's to interests I would say that I like music (mostly hiphop and house), gyming, movies, soccer and rugby, and in terms of work/studying interests...Environmental sustainability and Development would be major interests.

My Siamese fighting fish is called "Tyson"- named after Mike Tyson, the boxer, mainly because me and my partner Timothy "Tim" Mew wanted to name him after a boxer or some kind of fighter because of the fishes name (Siamese fighter) and because our fish looked pretty evil and cool, so who better to name him after than Mike? Lol

But I'm excited and keen to see how this "experiment" turns out...


Hi everyone I'm Jade. I live in Kuilsrivier. I have 3 family members. All that I can say is that I had hobbies before coming to university but now all I do is work. I am even working on changing that. Well, I do enjoy reading, dancing, listening to music, teasing my little brother and being with my friends. My adopted child's name is Red-Rex. I am currently in a custody battle with my partner Tracy Mothapo over him. Its been messy seeing as we are both studying law. Rex enjoys bulling smaller fish, watching wrestling or boxing and watching his diet.

Ow and my fish is looking very healthy and fit and shiny.
I am a very proud fish owner so far... I love my little Mustie <3 and he knows it.


Its  Vuyiseka here, new Mother to Stallion Jr (the fish) and Mbali (the plant) together with my partner in crime Phumlani a.k.a Stallion. first  time ever looking after a fish but in sooo excited. cheers

Mustard Fluffy

Hello my name is Aviwe Nadine Homani.
I am a part of a family of four and I'm the last born of two children.
I'm from the Eastern Cape, King Williams Town, and I live with both parents.

I am a nature lover. I am particularly interested in animals and their behaviours. I'm not a very athletic person but I do enjoy hikes and walks in forests. Mustard Fluffy is the first fish under my care and, hopefully, will be the first of many. :) 
Hi im Philecia from Hermanus area but stays in Montevideo while studying.i got a little girl and im thinking of keeping Cosmo for her.i love dancing,x ballroom and latin dancer!!!

Manager of Tyson

I am Timothy Mew and I come from Johannesbrug.
My parents are in the process of relocating to Cape Town, and should be here within the next two months.
I have two brothers, one of which is studying at Stellenbosch University; the other is much older and is the owner of an online business based in Johannesburg.
I have a great interest in environmental sustainability and look forward to the years of study in this field. I also have a passion for motoring.
I am keen to evaluate Tyson's progress with my partner Damian Hans!


My name is Xolisa a.ka. "evo" . I'm from the Eastern Cape in P.E. I'm rely love nature and the enviroment. I'm the only child . I like soccer , i watch fifa football not PSL. I workout a lot, and swim also. its the first time for me to keep a fish, its so lovely, its reddish and gold....more into that later..


Hi my name is Phumlani, partners with Vee our Fish's name is Stallion Jr. looking forward to this!
Oh and my fish's name is Ratanga :-)

hi my  name is lerato mojapelo and i come from Rustenburg and I come from a family of three children, I'm the oldest and the only girl and enjoy meeting new new people and shopping

The only post about me before Pirhana completely dominates...

Aloha! one all :)
My name is Qaadirah but you can call me Qaadi (people trip over the pronunciation). My partner is Kaylyn :) and our fishy is called Pirhana.
I'm the eldest of four and I live with my parents and siblings in Athlone. Each family member has their own name for this little guy (poor fishy)
I have lots of interests, watching people is probably the creepiest : D (lol). People say I laugh a lot (its NOT true) and they say other stuff too.
That's all for now, Pirhana currently resides with Kaylyn. His quite a character but more about him later :)

Shalom Bloggersphere!

Fish name-Blaze

Hi this is Earl and Rick Riffel.we are from the southern suburbs and in a family of 4. We are excited for this project as we can explore things in different ways.

General Finn

Go Fish! My Fish's name is General Finn. He is the captain of his tank: =]

Who am I? My name is Theresa Thielman. I study BCB at UWC. I am the youngest of 4 siblings. For fun, I enjoy swimming (just like my new son Mr. Finn), running, being creative and socializing, as many other teenagers do.

I am ampt to be looking after General Finn :D! Anyone excited to hear about our underwater adventures to follow!
ma name is Alusta and lyk my fish . we decided to call our fish, killer .
hi my name is thembela me and my partner we decided to name our fish ''killer'' because its not that kind of fish that die easily.
My name is Nosiphe an i hv decided to name my beautiful baby fish  Doller...


hi guys! My name is Megan and I'm partnered up with Amy Dyssel. Our fishy's name is Gru (like from DespicableMe) ... I have a younger brother and I live with my father. I have 2 german sherpard dogs and i loooove animals... Gru's water has been changed recently and i'll upload the pix soon... he knows when its feeding time(clever fishy) and he also made a bubble nest :)...

General Fin

Hi! I'm Chrislyn. I'm a loner.... like the only child and stuff, which probably means that I have only child syndrome:/

I live in Strandfontein with both my parents.  I enjoy nature walks and I love snails and turtles. I love Rugby (ALL BLACKS), soccer and I support the worlds best team... LIVERPOOL :D

Well I'm look forward to having General Fin as part of my family. 

hi my nae is mpilo and we have decided to name our fish NEMO

Enjoying my new fish pet endeed
cant wait for this fantastic exploration with my fish pet

Cosmo !!

Hi my name is Kyle Byloo. I am the eldest child and i have twin sisters. My interests are soccer, cycling and playing xbox. My partner Philecia and i have decided to name our fish Cosmo.
Loving my new fish pet,loving bright colour orange
Hi my name is Timia. I'm the youngest and only girl out of 4. I'm from KZN where my family stays and I'v just moved to Kuils River. One of my brothers stay in Obs where i was parking before. I like my pet fish Blue more and more everyday. It feels like he is growing in character and he knows when it's food-time. I love animals and want to go into Zoology and study animal behavior in the future. Looking forward to check what your fishies are up to. Cheers
First day bloging
Hey Guys, I'm the girl from Germany. My name is Janine. I'm living in Kuilsriver. I have two older brothers who are studying in Germany. I chose to study in South Africa because I want to have my own wild life farm in the future, so i thought it would be the best to study here! I love animals that's  why i want to help the endangered species to survive!
I extended my fish project a little bit, in form of buying one more male and 2 females to see if there is any different behavior. It happened already quite a bit such as putting the females to the other male etc, but more the next days!
See you! Cheers
Hi! I'm Amy Dyssel and I am 18 years old. I live with my mother and father and have a younger sister who is 14. I stay in Kuilsriver and i like to read. My partner Megan and I have decided to name our fish Gru =D
Hey guys, I'm Simone or Simi, anything goes. I'm from kuilsriver and the youngest of 2children. My brother is studying electrical engineering at UCT, big nerd that he is. I love blogging even though it's my first time. I enjoy hanging out, watching movies and swimming. My fish is still alive and looking good. It's name is Free Willy and we super close.

Fishs' name: HELLBOY

Yo watsup, My names Keagon (the dude that always wears the headband)

My family consists of 5 members.

My interests are gyming, football and chilln' with the homies

P.S- I get cold feet 2 weeks into a relationship.

My Patrner: Darren Fortuin 3224664 (gebou'd one)

Hi my name is Shanet Rutgers and I am child no: 3 out of 4 children. We are three girls and one boy in my family and we are crazy bunch altogether.

My interests are working with marine animals specifically penguins and I have a passion for meeting new people and reading up new things. I love working with children as they are part of the future generations.
Hi my name is Darren Fortuin, age 18 from Kuilsriver. My family consists of four members including myself. My interests are rugby, gym & motorcars.

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Haroon Gafieldien. My friends call me Harry. I live with both my mother, father and sister. I love sport very much, especially rugby. I myself play rugby for a club called Strand United and I really enjoy it a lot. Another interest of mine is, which i do most of the time is spending time with my friends and doing all sorts of social things. 
Hi people I'm excited to finally be on blogger.