Friday, March 30, 2012

Long Live The Fish!

Greetings Fellow Fishy owners!
My name is Kaylyn but most of my friends call me KK. I am the eldest child in my family yet my younger brother never lets me forget that i am the smallest as well. I live in Richwood and am doing a B.A degree majoring in geography and tourism at udubz. I love hiking, drumming, reading war novels and the rainbow pooping Nyan cat on youtube! Also I can speak a bit of Na'vi=) My crazy partner Qaadi=) and I are super excited to have our little feisty fishy, named Pirhana(munch munch!). I've currently gained custody of the little blue bugger and will be keeping my space on this site updated with blogs on the little guy's daily actions.
This would be the first time I own a fish, and the fact that its blue like the Avatar people is epic!!!
Long Live the Avatar Fish!

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