Monday, May 9, 2011

29 April 2011-temperature 19 degrees celsius the fish's head is starting to change colour , still not eating. A candle was placed close to the tank, fins turned bright red and the fish started eating. The fish is swimming from side to side, up and down in straight lines swimming close to the plant. The fish's colour apears to be changing.

30 April 2011-tempereture 18 degrees celsius colour bright red, fish still not eating the dried worms. The food was changed to freeze dried white shrimp. The tank was placed in the sun, when returning from the pet shop within 20 minutes the temperature increased to 22 degrees celsius. Began feeding feeding, fish examinnes food before eating it. BOdy scales, slowly starting to change light blue in colour but that can only be seen in the sun. Tank still clean but there are waste products at the bottom of the pro-v crystals (xeolites). An algea is starting to grow on the plant.

1 May 2011-temperature 19 degrees celsius, the fish is resting body appaers to turning black in colour(the body) fins are now dark red. Placed the tank in the morning sun.the shrimps are about 2cm which is broken in half and crushed. Fish doesnt eat the shell of the shrimp.
Temperature 22 degrees celsius fins now dark red with blue tips and black body. area now shadey and fish appaers to be acting normal.

2 May 2011-The water was brown and the fish was unsettled, constintly started swimming against the glass.temperatue 19 degrees celsius, after water change fed the fish.the fish is more settled more of the body scales turning blue ontop of the body.

3 May 2011-Temperature 19 degrees celsius,fish is very relaxed,fish gets fed once in the morning only and the tank gets placed in the morning sun.

4 May 2011-temperature 20 degrees celsius. The fish is relaxed,roots of buds growing on the plant.

5 May 2011-water was changed, the fins grew a little. colour now dark red tips with dark blue fins body black in colour,fish still very calm.plants flowers starting to open.

6 May 2011-fish very calm, not going to feed today this could be because of over feeding that the fish is not very active.

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