Friday, May 13, 2011

DAY 6 ON THE 01 OF MAY 2011

On day 6 2011 we noticed a shocking and weird aspect on the fish. We noticed that Rhapsody had developed more appetite for food.She was also massively growing bigger and richer in color .Due to our research we had found out that the changes in a Betta spendens fish were determined on the kind of diet it got or it was structured to have. Rhapsody no longer fed on tubifex only instead it now fed on insects like mosquitoes,baby flies and locusts.which I now catch at the backyard of my room.After changing her diet we are now sure that she will have a longer lifespan and it will be a rare case that she will ever be sick or die of natural causes.

Bungu Odwa 3165478
Simcelile makaule 3155248

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