Sunday, May 8, 2011

S1am's (the 1 is silent) Journal: "Adjusting to Mi Casa"

Additions to S1am's Casa del Aquatica:

1. Appels
I decided the bugger needed some company and atleast a little greenery so that he doesn't get disorienated. Introducing "Appels". Appels is an Apple snail from the Ampullariidae family. He/she is very easy and has a very docile and peaceful temperament. He/she also has voracious appetite for more than S1am's faeces and the algae. He/she readily consumes the "Live Plant" if there isn't sufficient food around. He/she acts as a hoover, scavenging and cleaning the aquarium walls and bottom for sinking food and whatever may be found. Mostly active at night, while during the day it retires to the darkest areas of the aquarium. Since Apple snails are gonochoristic (seperated sexes), we hope that no reproduction has taken place if it's female. I thought Appels was asexual (without sex/sexuality).

2. So who's this "Live Plant"???
This live plant is called Hornwort (Ceratophyllum Demersum). It's a floating aquatic plant with no roots that grows like crazy. I use it to sponge up nitrates and prevent unwanted algae. Because it grows so fast, I've had to trim it twice. It provide a retreat for S1am if he doesn't feel like looking into my or anyone else's face.

3. From India you say
It was noticed that bettas that live in water next to Indian Almond trees (the leaves of which would fall naturally in the water) were found to be healthier and more vibrant than those not in close proximity to Indian Almond trees. The leaves were found to keep the fish healthy with strong anti-bacterial qualities and promotion of breeding. I added an Indian Almond leaf which gradually turned the water brown like tea. The day i added it, it floated at the top of the tank providing a natural hiding spot for S1am. It effectively reduces PH levels in water by releasing organic compounds such as humic acid, flavanoids and tannins into the water which absorb harmful chemicals (still to be tested)

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