Friday, May 6, 2011

Our fish, Minka.

Our fish, Minka.

Tuesday, 26th April

Minka was agitated on the way home. She constantly jumped out of the water while she was in the bag of water.

I put her bag into the fish tank once we got home and she was much calmer. She swam around the packet quickly.

Once I added in some of the tanks water she continued to swim around and did not seem bothered.

She swam around the tank once she was released.

I gave her a pinch of food 3 hours after being in the tank. She ate a few bites of food.

Wednesday, 27th April

Minka did not swim much today. She stayed in the corner of the tank and does not seem happy.

She took one bite of her food today.

When I check up on her at night she is at the top of the tank and does not move much.

Thursday, 28th April

Minka did not swim much today either. She is always at the bottom of the tank in the corner.

I put the plastic plants in Minka’s tank today. She seems much happier now and swims around her tank much more. I have not seen her in the corner of the tank since I put in the plants.

I changed Minka’s water today. I released 25% of her water. The water that I put in her tank had been standing for one day. I released the water using the plug under the tank and Minka did not seem bothered by this.

I put in leaf for conditioning the water and it has turned the water slightly brown.

Minka slowly approached her food and took a bite of it.

Friday, 29th April

Minka has been swimming around the bottom of the tank today, she seems to be taking something of the crystals. She does not swim quickly, she drifts through the water.

Once I dropped in her food she swam toward it very quickly and attacked it. She bit into her food vigorously.

Saturday, 30th April

Minka’s colouring seems to be changing. She used to be a neutral, cream colour and now she is becoming darker. She has not been in the corner of the tank since the plants were put in, I think she enjoys swimming around now. She does not seem afraid anymore.

Minka attacked her food once again.

Sunday, 1st May

Minka ate her food viciously today.

Her colouring seems to be getting darker day by day. She swims around faster these days.

Minka seems to eat things of the crystals.

Monday, 2nd May

Minka’s colouring is darker now, she has went from being a neutral, cream colour to being a grey colour with two black stripes on her body.

She ate hungrily today. She approaches her food slowly and once she’s close enough she charges for it.

Tuesday, 3rd May

Minka now has a purple tint on her body. It’s purple but if I look closely I see a hint of blue.

I bought Minka a different type of food. It is called “Sanya Betta Gold” and is designed for Betta spledens. It is a tiny pellets. Minka swam up to the pellets slowly and took one and spat it out. She did this twice then the pellet began to sink. She followed the pellet as it sank and continued to put it in her mouth and spit it out again. She did this with the other to pellets as well and eventually ate all three pellets.

Wednesday, 4th May

I changed the water in Minka’s tank today. I contacted a pet shop owner who told me not to release the water from the tank using the plug underneath as it will eventually wear out and the water will leak out of her tank. So I poured out 30% of Minka’s water from the top of the tank. She seemed very stressed as I released the water.

This time I released 30% of water instead of 25% as the water is quite dark brown from the Indian almond leaf.

Minka did not seem bothered when I put in water to fill her tank. The water that I put in her tank was standing for one day

She put the pellet in her mouth then spat it out again but eventually ate all three pellets.

Thursday, 4th May

Minka swam around the tank today, she seems to play a game where she swims around the plastic tree a few times.

She does not attack her pellets the way she did with the piece of block worms. I think she enjoys the pellets more as she eats all of them.

By Ivanna Chetty, student number: 3100 424. My partner: Clint Williams, student number: 315 7719

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