Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Betta catch up

I have put the fish in the kitchen in a safe distance from the stove and furthest from the refridgerator. Due to unavailability to access gmail, I have kept my Diary on paper. This is a summary of all that has happened so far.
My betta is very energetic and has been so, since the day I introduced her to her new home, last week. She has began to associate me with meal time, because she rises to the surface and swim around as soon as she sees me entering the kitchen. I noticed some colour changes in her skin, beautiful. She eats well and she loved the temperature conditions when we are baking, perhaps the smell too. She loves being watched, she will swim these long elegant motions as soon as she sees people, luckily its my brother and not a cat. She blows bubbles, I dont know if the stomach is bloated or what, perhaps someone here can help me understand. I decided to maintain a simple environment, atleast for now. There is only the Zeolite stones,artifitial vegetation and Indian Almond leaf (water too) in the tank.
I decided to switch all the lights when going to sleep just like in nature. I switch the lights systematically. I light 3 different lights, Kitchen lights, Stove hoover light and camping lights. I switch them from brithest to less brighter almost like a sunset to avoid stress. till next time (^_^)

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