Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DAY 5 30TH OF APRIL 2011

When I woke up to check on Rhapsody I found out that she caught a baby flie and was eating it.That made me a bit worried because I knew nothing about a fish eating a fly and for the fact that she had a tiny stomach which is measured at a size of her eye ball thus I asked my partner to make a research.He gave me a feedback which stated out that a fish could eat certain small insects like mosquitos and other small insects but it should not be overfed because that will result to its death.At midnight She was sleeping under the leaf so I assumed that she was dying because of eating beyond the limit instead she was not dying but was irritated by the light, so I quickly switched it off.

BUNGU ODWA 3165478 and simcelile makaule 3155248

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