Saturday, May 7, 2011

DAY 3-10

Our betta seems to have by this time adapted well to its home except when the changing of water takes place.


When I changed the water for the first time on the 3rd day, she seemed to have felt stress by this change.
She kept jumping out of the water and almost seem to be flaring.
She also kept swimming againts the bag .

Hereafter(about 3-4 hours after the change) she now seemed to be doing better. She started swimming around at a faster pace and even started to explore the tank, by swimming around the plastic tree and at times, attempting to swim through it.


Our betta seems happy.
It was her second feed today and she immediatly swam up to eat it.
but the thing that scares me is that although she goes for the food, it seems as if she spits it out afterwards.

Also the water turned brown again and seems rather dirty.

DAY 5-10

During this time the betta "underwent" her 3rd and 4th water change and seems to be less annoyed by this routine.

She,now spits less of the food fed to her out and still swims gracely through her aquarium.

I had now noticed that she seems to have gain quite some red colour on her fins.

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