Sunday, May 8, 2011

S1am's (the 1 is silent) Journal: "Adjusting to Mi Casa" continued...

S1am's daily observations
Day 1: Tank introduction
S1am came from a retail outlet on introduction to his new home he was a bit passive I'd say. Generally fine if you ask me. Judging by his behaviour on my way home from the pet store, he was a tad bit docile and slightly less alert. He also lost a bit of colour. Most likely due to the home move and elevated stress levels. Some slight tears in the fins but nothing major. The pet shop advisor said they generally repair quickly of their own accord. After about 3 hours, i decided to feed S1am. What i did was crush all the dried tubifex worm, i dipped the tip of a toothpick into some water then into th crushed tubifex, and then into the tank. S1am must have had quite an appetite as he devoured it all within a couple of seconds. The duress he was under probably added to his appetite. So he goes to chill in the bottom corner of the tank. Stuffed!

Yumna Abrahams: 3134333 & Jannah Umar: 3118457

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