Thursday, May 5, 2011

wed 27 April
About 9am i went to check on the fish and noticed it was not swimming, just lying under the almond leaf which was floating on top of the water. i then moved the leaf away to check if the fish was still alive then it swan a bit. the fish's body was tilted and it was very inactive, hardly swimming around, in fact not swimming around and just remaining in one corner. i then thought maybe the fish was hungry and had no energy so i gave it some food but it was not responsive to this and did not even touch the food. i also noticed the colour of the fish was a bit dull. i went to the pet shop to ask for advice and get medication but it was closed due to the public holiday. i came home and did a 70% water change just incase it was something in the water but the fish remained inactive for the rest of the day.
Candis James 2608505
Nompelo Nkondeshe 2459223
Diana Jerome

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