Saturday, May 14, 2011

Minka, Part 3

Unfortunately, blogspot does not want to upload my video of Minka.
Minka has become more colourful the more food i give her and she tends to swim faster as well. She has gone from a very bright purple to a reddish-purple shade.
I left the tank open to see if she'll jump out of the water, but she doesn't even swim to the top when i do, only when I'm feeding her.
I realised that Minka is very attracted to light, because as i recorded her, she responded to the light on the front of the camera and followed its movement.
The next day, I put her tank half way in to the light and left the other half in shade, she then frequented the half that had light on it. This proved that she prefered the light.
Ivana Chetty, Clint Luke Williams

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