Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Fish

On Wednesday, 11 May 2011 , we received a new fish.I will post from day 1 up to day 4.

Day 1 - Wednesday 11 May 2011
I prepared water for the tank the day before , the Tuesday , and allowed it to stand over night, in order for the chlorine in the water to evaporate.I also washed out the tank ,washed the zeolite crystals and the plants before I placed it into the tank.I received the fish on Wednesday and brought it home, on the ride home i noticed that the fish would not swim around much in the tank, it would remain in one place for a while before it would swim to another place and then remain there for a few minutes.
When I got home, i placed a piece of the Indian Almond Leaf in the tank to allow it to condition the water for a while before I placed the fish into the water.After a while,I then placed the fish , I placed the fish , inside the bag,with the plastic bag into the fish tank.I did this so that the fish could become use to the temperature of the water in the tank.I noticed that the fish would swim around a lot whilst it was in the water in the plastic bag because it was used to that water.After 10 - 15 minutes I then took the fish out of the plastic bag and placed it in the tank.i noticed that the fish would swim around the tank , around the plants that I had put in the tank and it would also swim up against the sides of the tank, this I took as a sign of distress and that it was not used to its new home.When i fed the fish later that evening I noticed that it ate all the food that I gave it ,I took this as a good sign.

Day 2 - Thursday 12 May 2011
I noticed that the fish was moved active than the day before and that it wold swim all around the tank.I also picked up that she liked to swim in between the plants, especially the fresh one, that I had put into the tank.She had also gained some colour , which made her fins look bright red, from when I first put her into the tank.

Day 3 - Friday 13 May 2011
The fish seems happy and healthy ,it is swimming all around the tank but I've noticed that it likes to be in between the plants.I picked up that it looked like she had lost some , but not a lot, of her colour. So i fed her to see if that was what was wrong with her.When I gave her food to eat, she ate all of the food and after that I noticed that she seemed more happy and after a while I noticed she started to gain her colour back.

Day 4 - Saturday 14 May 2011
This morning I saw that she was happy and very active as she was swimming all around the tank.I decided to do a water change so that there would nit be a build-up of algae in the tank.I therefore let out only about 20-30% of the water in the tank and replaced it with water that i had prepared , water that i allowed to stand overnight so that the chlorine in it could be removed.Whilst I was changing the water,when i drained some water, I noticed that she was a bit distressed but after I added the water I noticed that the fish was more calm and not as distressed.She also seems happier now then earlier and is more active than what she was.

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