Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our fish, Minka: part 2

Friday, 6th May

Minka swam around the tree quite often today, it seems like she enjoys it. She seems like a fish that would enjoy a nice big tank to swim around in.

She ate all three of her pellets today.

Saturday, 7th May

Last night Minka’s colouring changed. Her fins are usually a dark grey shade. Last night when I switched on the light her fins were red.

Minka ate all of her pellets today.

Sunday, 8th May

Minka’s fins are no longer red. They are a dark grey colour again.

I gave Minka a blood worm mix today. It is called Tetra: The natural alternative to flakes. When I dropped She swam quite fast toward her pellets and ate them all very quickly.

Monday, 9th May

Minka slept later than usual today. Usually she is awake when I switch on the light, yet this morning she was not moving much.

She ate all of her pellets quickly.

Tuesday, 10th May

Her colouring seems to be changing again. Her body no longer has a purple tint to it and she seems to be a cream colour now.

She swam around her tree quite often today. I think she only likes the tree on the right side of her tank as she never plays that game around the left tree.

She did not hurry to her food today like she usually does.

Wednesday, 11th May

I changed 25% of her water today. She was very unhappy and swam around frantically. I move her from my room to the kitchen during a water change. She seemed very uneasy after the water change so I moved her back to my room immediately and she seemed fine. She stopped swimming from the top to the bottom of the tank very soon after going back to my room.

She ate 2 out of her 3 pellets today.

Thursday, 12th May

My partner, Clint Williams fetched Minka today.

Notes about my time with Minka:

1: Minka’s surroundings:

I kept her tank in my bedroom. There is constant sunlight in the room. Minka was situated on a desk in the corner of the room, so the sunlight did not directly strike on her.

When I moved her into the dining room to see if her behaviour changed, I found that she did not do anything differently. She swam around as normal and did not appear to be frightened or bothered.

There were no disturbances for Minka, example no music was played near her.

2: Minka’s appetite:

Minka did not seem to enjoy her tubiflex worms, she did not eat much of ite.

3: Minka’s personality:

When I go towards Minka she does not seem scared. She often swims toward me. She seems like a playful fish. She loves food and would make an adorable pet.

By Ivanna Chetty, student number: 3100 424.
My partner: Clint Williams, student number: 315 7719

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