Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing to you my Betta girl Pucy

The information about the betta fish
1st day the 26/04/2011 the first day my fish reaction was not surprising but after i introdce the fish to the new aquarium the fish was not swimming

2nd day the 27/04/2011 the on the follwing day the fish was just stop as if it has the strees then i gave it the food, it was eating then after eating it was slowly swimming
3rd day the28/04/2011 this was a very cold day and the fish then stops moving any more and the color is still the same

4th day the 29/04/2011 i changed the water and i introduce it again. After that the fish was happy and move so slowly the fish was eating

5th day the 30/04/2011 the fish was happly fast moving and eating the only thing that i discoverd about the fish in cold days is not happy
6th day the 01/05/2011 the fish was happy fast now and eating the only

7th day02/05/2011 i changed the water and i introduce it again.
The fish was happy and move so slowly, the fish was eating i think the reason of the fish to move slowly isthat it the new water that is in at now

8th day the 03/05/2011 the fish on the morning it was swimming very happy on the water.After i gave it the food it was happy and enjoy the food

9th day the 04/05/2011 the lovely betta fish dispointed me because it was not eating in the morning when i was giving it the food it was just taking in the food and out

10th day the 05/05/2011 i first chang the water in the morning and tat day is the raining Pucy the name of the fish is afraid if the cold days so she is not swimming but when i am giving her the food she just eat and take it off again this is the second day pucy doing that thing i dont like to her

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  1. Simply not moving around is not necessarily a issue of health, but it is true that they will slow down on a cold day as they are basically tropical fish. It seems that your fish is eating normally.

    Try and use capitals for I and make sure there is clear space reflecting paragraphs between days.