Sunday, May 8, 2011

S1am's (the 1 is silent) Journal: "The madness begins"

A thorn amongst the roses it what S1am is. Him being the only male in the class and all.

Step by step tank set up:

1. I found a place out of direct sunlight and drafts to set up S1am's new home (only the best for our boy)
2. I rinsed and wiped down the entire tank (inside and out) and the zeolite
with clean boiled water (NO, soaps, detergents or other cleaning materials).
3. I then places the zeolite substrate in bottom of the tank.
4. I filled the tank with water that was boiled, dechlorinated and allowed to reach room temperature.
5. The water was then left in the tank to settle for 3 days.
6. S1am was then brought home in a bag from the Garden's Centre Pet Store. I allowed him to acclimatise to the tank water temperature by floating the bag in the tank for 15 minutes.
7. After the 15 minutes, as much water was removed from the shipping bag as possible. A half a cup of tank water was added to the shipping bag every 5 minutes until the bag was full.
8. After the bag was full, I released its contents, S1am included, into the fish tank.

Yumna Abrahams: 3134333 & Jannah Umar: 3118457

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