Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 8 - 14

Ruby hides behind the trees when spooked, but when u put ur face infront of the tank for a while she swims towards u. At times she even bumps into the wall of the tank, trying to swim towards ur face. She didn't eat the food wen she got it. But I left it there for about half an hour an when I got back she ate it. Wen I fed her I made the pieces as small as possible and I would blow at the surface of the water making the surface watet and also the food move around, giving it the idea of bait on the surface. When she eats she makes bubbles. But no bubble nest. She is not spooked to easily and adapted to her surrounding quickly. Margaou Prins, 3139242. Herschelle Lambrechts, 3139267

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