Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Betta Journal: Our betta spandens report: Rhapsody

My Betta Journal: Our betta spandens report: Rhapsody: "ESS STUDENT NAMES : Simmy Simcelile Makaula and Bungu Odwa STUDENT NUMBERS: 3155248 AND 3165478

The name of our fish is "Rhapsody"

Rhapsody means a portion of an epic poem adapted for recetitation or usually recited at one time.Hence our fish was named after an inspiration of a lovely poem by Amaru Shakur that is based on how we must love and respect women.We decided to name the fish Rhapsody because it is a female fish.

Day1 on 26 April 2011
On the 26th of April, 17:15 we introduced our fish(Rhapsody) into the water with the indian almond leaf.During the first 5 minutes we noticed that the fish was uncomfortable and a little bit shocked because it was not used to its new home (the environment)hence it used the leaf to hide under.At around 20:00 to 22:00 Rhapsody was swimming around and waggling her tail showing that she appreciated her new home.At night I did not turn off the lights because Rhapsody was not used of the dark.

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