Saturday, May 14, 2011

I recently did some reseach with regard to the colour changing of the female betta, it was said that it is perfectly normal for the fish to change colour when it is introduced to a new environment, it does not mean that the fish is changing gender. The food betta's usually eat in their natural environment are insects and insect larvae. Our betta has a mouth facing upward as it is adapted to snapping food floating on top of the water as the fish is extremely fast. How ever we did not hace access to these live foods, but we were provided by Dr. Richard, Tubefex, which is high in nutrients and provides the betta with efficient vitamins. I did not notice any bubble resin anywhere in the take but i did notice that the fish blew bubbles especially after it was fed, but the bubbles would soon disappear.

The zeolite crystals at the bottom of the tank are much darker than what they were before, The white crystals are now a very light brown with dark brown spots as it is extracting the harmful ammonia from the water.

The betta is situated ina warm area of the house (the lounge) as the lounge is constantly warm has sufficient sunlight. Because the betta originates from Cambodia, Thailand and certain parts of vietnam where the water tempreture is a consistant 22-28 degrees I try my best to keep the water tempreture between this range. I also read a article which stated that if the tempreture would drop beloww 22 degrees celcius the growth of the betta would be stunted, it could also be at a high risk of becomming sick and could even die of chronic stress.

The water also an indian almond leaf in it to aid the fish and keep it healthy, I also noticed that the fish is very attached to its leaf and would often sleep at the bottom of the leaf. When the leaf was introduced to the water it caused the water to change to a brownish colour, but i conducted a water change to clear up the water again, I did not notice the fish stress about the presense of the indian almond leaf at all.

The article also stated that the fish are jumpers but I hav not seen my fish jump at all.

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