Thursday, May 5, 2011

thurs 28 April
checcked on the fish early morning and the fish was still inactive and the body was tilted, i ran to the pet shop to get a medicine. i put the medicine in the water and it made the water green, i also did a 10% water change. i moved the fish out of the lounge into the tv room as the loung is very cold and gets no sunlight. the fish's body became straight again and it looked a bit better. it was swimming more than the previous days. i gave it the dried worms but it would not eat, then i boiled a pea and gave it small pieces of the outer skin. it would eat the skin but spit it back out again. i think the lounge is to cold for the fish and the water temperature got too cold. the colour of the fish returned and it was bright and beautiful.
Candis James 2608505
Nompelo Nkondeshe 2459223
Diana Jerome

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