Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another happy few days with Intlanzi

Intlanzi seems to be displaying the same behavioural patterns as last week - that of a happy fish. She (still not sure of the sex) seems to be growing larger, especially her fins and her colour is slightly more saturated than last week. We will keep watching to find out if she makes a transition into the fairer sex.

We have changed our water twice this week and this weekend we are thinking of adding some natural vegetation to the tank. Intlanzi still sleeps under the Indian almond leaf and spends a considerable time close to the water surface.

What we noticed this week is that Intlanzi has a stronger appetite than the previous week. We saw her scavenging on the top and bottom of the tank, gulping matter and then spitting it out again. We imagined that she must be hungry so we are feeding her a tiny bit more thank before but still on every alternate day. The difference is that she finishes all the food fed to her.

Until next time,

Zusiphe and Damian
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