Saturday, May 14, 2011

My betta fish - Zara

My fish Zara from day 1

When I first received her, she had already been in the plastic bag for 2 days. It was a long ride home with her and I was scared she wouldn't survive as she was quickly running out of air. As soon as I got home I organised her tank, got the water to the right temperature, de-chlorinated the water, placed the plants ornaments and stones into her aquarium. I then left her in the bag and let it float in the tank so she could adjust to the temperature of her new tank water. I used my own tank which is much bigger then the one we received from Dr Knight.

At first she was swimming up and down the sides of the tank, probably trying to amend to her new environment. This was clearly a sign of stress. She was not very active for the first few days besides swimming up and down the sides of the tank. When I gave her her food she just tasted it and spat it out again. She hardly had a appetite. I removed the food she never ate as this could affect the water quality.

Slowly but surely she started to eat more and started becoming more active. I have a floating plant in the tank and she seems to love swimming on and through it. I think she sleeps on it as well. From what I understand, Betta's prefer live plants to fakes plants. I think this could be because the plant is living and the plastic plants could hurt her delicate fins.

Today Zara is alive and healthy. She is extremely active and is no longer showing signs of stress by swimming up and down the sides of the tank. I have her in a bigger tank than the one we received from Dr Knight. Even though the Betta originates from shallow waters, I think she prefers more space to swim in a larger tank.

When I feed her, she eats extremely aggressively as if she's attacking the food. This is probably normal and her natural instinct since she is a carnivore after all. On that note, I found a fly floating in the tank and the next time I looked the fly disappeared. She obviously ate the fly. This came as no surprise to me as it is in her nature to do that.

Zara loves the ornaments I have in the tank and always swims in and around the ornaments. She is a active young girl and I think it's about time to get her a mate!

This has been an amazing experience and I thank you Dr Knight for giving me the opportunity to take on this challenge of maintain my very own Betta fish.


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