Thursday, May 5, 2011

summary week 1

Day 1 tuesday 26-04-2011

We introduced the fish  to the tank water by, placing the plastic containing the fish on the water in the tank. As soon as the plastic sank the fish swem out on its own. The fish showed sporadical movements and acclimatised faster than we initially thought. The fish enjoyed the space in its disposal, by swimming around the whole tank with vigour, we could not tell if it was excitment, shock or even hunger. We decided not to feed it.

Day 2 wednesday 27-04-2011

This was the first time I fed the fish I fed it tubifex. The fish feeds like a predator, it prefers chasing its meal, it waits until the food is sinking so that it can chase and pounce on it. It uses these long elegent movements, which are entertaining, to use its swimming space excellently. It was energetic throughout the day.

Day 3 thursday 28-04-2011

Feeding the fish this morning was tougher than day 2, but it finally ate, because I had to come up with a strategy to make the food sink. I held the food underwater so it can absorb water and sink, after a while the strategy worked and acted as an attention call tothe fish. The almond leaf finally sank and the water became brown. I thought brown water meant the water was ready for change. The fish has has found a stable swimming pattern, about 50% underwater and 50% on the surface.

Day 4 friday 29-04-2011

The betta is still alive. It had problems eating this morning, because it had trouble seeing its food due to the brown water, as I had scheduled a water change later today. Later today when I got home, I changed 10% of its water. Food that was trapped at the bottom rose and the fish ate. The fish is extremely energetic at night, it was hunting for food at the bottom of the tank for the first time. It blue a couple of bubbles, I was not sure if it had a bloated stomach, gas, or just sick. Mr knight said apparently we are doing something right but I am a sceptic.

Day 5 saturday 30-04-2011

I found the fish swimming on the surface this morning when I went to feed it. I gave the fish a bit of food because it ate too much last night eating the trapped food. I was aware of not overfeeding it. It is still as energetic as the first day after we introduced it. It has developed a dark brown colour however the swimming patterns are still the same.

Day 6 sunday 01-05-2011

It ate without problems this morning. We later baked and the fish was energetic, it seemed the fish was reacting to the temparature conditions and perhaps the wonderful smell from the muffins. The whole family has noticed the fish has grown, although we dont have evidence to prove it except our observation.

Day 7 monday 02-05-2011

It ate a pinch of tubifex as usual, I dont feed it at constant times but always in the morning. Whe it sees me entering the kitchen it becomes energetic almost like its performing. I think it has associated me with food, because I do not call for its attention anymore. I performed a ,edical assesment of the fish to make sure its healthy. The symptoms I was observing for were, traces of white fungus, poping eyes and any change of behaviour, appetite and swimming patterns and the assesment was successful.

Day 8 tuesday 03-05-2011

I caght its attention as I entered the kitchen this morning and was greated with the same vigour and excitement. It spat some food out but nothing alarming because it carried on like nothing happened, on to the next meal. Zeolites are melting at the bottom, I am corncerned that the fish does not die before we get more zeolites. The fish is developing a bright beautifull blue colour. The swimming patterns are as usual, energetic and wonderfull to watch.

Day 9 wednesday 04-05-2011

After feeding the fish another dose of tubifex, the fish showed signs of happiness. I was not happy with the quality of the water so I decided to change 50% of the water.It always seem rejuvinated in fresh water. It seemed uncormfortable when I drained the water, for the first time it floated in the corner. I than added about 10% of the water, I was not sure of the quality of the water so I could not risk and pour all the water in the tank.

Day 10 thursday 05-05-2011

I finally added the rest of the water this morning and added a new Indian almond leaf. I was slow in adding the water so that I do not stress the fish with a change in temparature. There was no trapped food rising during this water change so I gave the fish its normal amount of Tubifex. It also proved my point that the fish became energetic when the water was fresher. 

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