Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 15 - 19

She is still feeding good. She is eating everything we throw in the tank. She is also starting to change her color. She first was red but now she's starting to get a blackish color on the sides of her body. She is still active and moving around constantly. We also put her on different places just to she her reaction, but it looks as if she does not care because she just continues what she was busy with. Over all we would say that she is a calm fish. The waters pH level is 6.8. A KH of 10d. A GH of >6d, >6d and 10d. NO2 mg/l is 0 and NO3 is 10. It is really fun looking after the fish I would want to keep the fish(herschelle). Herschelle Lambrechts, 3139267. Margaou Prins, 3139242

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