Sunday, May 8, 2011

S1am's (the 1 is silent) pre-home preperation continued....

3. Water Management System
• Regular weekly 10-15% (or more) water changes remembering to
de-chlorinate water.
• Clean gravel when doing weekly water changes.
• Algae an either be scraped off or alternatively a freshwater algae
eating snail.
• Adding aquatic plants provides shelter and alleviates stress in the
Betta. Plants make aquarium water healthier eliminating toxic
substances, inhibiting algae growth, releasing oxygen needed by fish
to breathe and removal of Nitrate to allow plant to grow. One plant is
sufficient for aquarium size and can be pruned.
4. Food Management
Bettas subsist almost exclusively on insects and insect larvae.
“Internally their digestive system is geared for meat.” Live foods are
ideal, although flake foods, frozen and freeze dried tubifex worms or
frozen bloodworm. Bettas need little to sustain them. They can be fed
once daily or every other day.

This post and the previous post by myself and Ms Umar was our pre-home prep for the actual madness.
Please read S1am's post "The madness begins" (to follow).
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