Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday 26 april 2011

We got the fish, took her home.When we got home,we placed her into her new home(the tank) that was put together and prepared 24 hours prior to her arrival.During the preparation of the tank we inserted the water,threw in the crystals (Zeolites) then threw in some of the water conditioner (Indian Almond Leaf)until the water was a lilttle brownish.When Beth arrived at home we safely placed her into her new home.We then opened the bag containing Beth and threw in some of the water in the bag just to get Beth into the new enviroment and to destress.

After a while we fed Beth the food we bought 'Betta pallets'.we were looking at how beth was feeding off the food that was fed to her

Miche-Lee Manuel 3162676
Goldia Du Plessis 3162261

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