Sunday, May 8, 2011

S1am's (the 1 is silent) Journal: "Adjusting to Mi Casa" continued...

S1am's daily observations
Days 3-6: I reckon i'm comfy now
Feeding times have remained constant. The only difference is that S1am now zooms up to the surface as soon as the toothpick and my hand approaches the tank. For the most part he dwells mostly at the surface. Day 5 i decided to a water change, removing about a third of the water by letting it drain from the tap at the bottom of the tank. The waste water didn't look to tragic. No sign of floating organisms (Appels must then be doing a good job). I prepared the replaced water much the same as when I first prepared the tank except the leaving of the water for a few days. i.e. boil the water, let it stand till it reaches room temp and gradually add to the tank without distressing S1am. When the Indian Almond Lead was introduced (day 6) he used it as a hiding spot. It probably feels more homely now. The leaf makes the environment look more natural. Slight discolouration in the water after the leaf was added.

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