Thursday, May 5, 2011


We took the water we had already prepared the night before and poured it into the tank. Now the mission was to get the fish inside the tank. We took the fish in its bag and let it float inside the tank to get used to the temperature of its new home. We slooowly poured the water in the plastic bag out and carefully placed the fish in the tank. It started swimming inside the tank. At 17h10 we fed it.


Wednsday 27-we fed Jabu( yes...thats her name) at 06:30 in the morning.

Thursday 28- there was plenty of work to do, the tank needed a water change and Jabu had to be fed. We changed the water first and then we fed her. We changed the Indian almond leaf aswell.

Friday 29- fed the fish at the normal times, 06:30 in the morning and 18:30 in the evening.

Saturday 30-we changed the water, water conditioner and fed it.

Sunday 01-we observed a major change, the almond leaf had settled to the bottom of the tank and Jabu was hiding under it.

Ndara 3059385

Nyudwana 3059377

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