Thursday, April 19, 2012

More on Free Willy

Since my last post there hasn't been that many changes. Free Willy is still very much active and always swimming around and gets excited whenever people walk past the tank. He has become accustomed to eating in the mornings, so we have a good routinne going at the moment. I noticed somethimes that when I come and check up on him during the day, he wiuld start swimming around at the top of the surface as if he thinks his going to get food, so I decided one day to just give him a small amount and he ate it up in a heart beat. This made me realise that I might be giving him too little portions of food? or perhaps his just a greedy liitle fella, but I have given him a bit more than I would in the mornings and now he seems filled for the day.

My plant has been growing more and more everyday...I had to pull 2leaves off because it was overcrowding the tank. I noticed that the bottom leaves are becoming slightly lighter shade of green compared to the top leaves, so I will be keeping an eye on those. Otherwise, the ecosystem is still fully functional :)

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