Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pirhana Munch Munch

Hey Everyone!

Hope you and all your fishy friends are doing well :)

I've been reading some posts about the fishy business of some of your aquatic friends and I am quite amazed at how different each and every one of them are. I've spent lots of time with Pirhana over the last week and he never fails to entertain me. At 8pm sharp he's at the top of the jar swimming around like a hyperactive kid because he knows its feeding time. I cant help but laugh at his antics. He has built a bubble nest but when i do water changes it gets destroyed so the little guy has to start all over again and I feel really bad. He is attracted to bright colours and movement (I saw him swimming all around the jar while I cleaned my room) as well as light (when I make a video he swims right up to the camera). He is quite active during the day and sleeps at the bottom of the jar at night. while watching him one day I saw him swim onto one of the bigger leaves and then slide down it like a child would slide down the sliding board in the park. It was hilarious, I kept standing ready with the camera to record it but he didn't do it again which is quite sad since I would loved for you all to see it.

Pirhana is quite a clever little guy. I drop the food into the water using a tweezers and now when I put the tweezers into the water he swims right up to it and waits for the food. He has started getting quite fat which could be a bad thing which is why I have started feeding him bloodworms twice a week instead of every second day. At first he didn't want to eat the freeze dried food on the days he usually got bloodworms but I guess if you're hungry you'd eat anything right?

Algae build up on the glass has been slower since I last cleaned the tank but it has begun to grow again. Tomorrow I will move the jar to an area that is warmer but receives less natural light and then observe Pirhana's behaviour, algae growth and plant growth.

My plant isn't looking too good, I removed one dead leaf when I cleaned it last week and another has started going yellow. No new leaves have grown.

This is Pirhana when I just got him

Pirhana today :) all happy and blowing bubbles

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