Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Has your fish built a bubble nest?

2011 Y(3) N(27) 2012 Y(35) N(28)


  1. The results of a contingency table X2 statistical test performed at 08:38 on 25-APR-2012

    data: contingency table

    A B

    1 3 27 30
    2 35 28 63

    38 55 93

    expected: contingency table

    A B

    1 12.3 17.7
    2 25.7 37.3

    chi-square = 17.5
    degrees of freedom = 1
    probability = 0.000

  2. Just a query about the info given: 2011 Y(3) N(27) 2012 Y(35) N(28)?
    It looks like the data is reasonably the same as last year's data recorded according to the graph. The information given contradicts that?
    In any case, referring to the gragh, I'd say the results from this year are relatively similar with the results from last year. A little more common this year to make bubble nests maby because the plants help make the perfect nest? Bubble nests are a common trait with betta fish and are probably observed under most different eco systems. Plants might just make it more appealing for the betta fish to hide out in and be comfortable to make bubble nests.
    My fish made little bubble nests at the beginning of the experiment when my plant still had many leaves. He would sleep in the curl of a leaf close to the surface and blow bubbles that would cling onto the leaf and completely surround his direct surface above him. After these curly leaves died, he didn't make any more nests.
    This backs up my interpretation of bubble nests.

  3. The facts given are correct not the graph. Last year most of the fish were female.