Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good morning!

this is my first time im blogging so im going to start with the jar and plant till the 15th of March then Kyle will blog from that date to 13th of April.

So on the Friday(2/3/2012) i washed the jar twice and through the substrate into it then i rinsed the substrate 3 times.I then filled the jar with water and placed it on my dresser in my room.Three hours later the water looked greenish-grey.

On the Saterday(3/3/2012) i rinsed the substrate twice and i  filled the jar with water again.

On the Wednesday(7/3/2012) i rinsed the substrate twice again and refilled the jar again.

On the Thursday when we got the plant i figured the water was not clean enough so i kept the plant in a container filled with water.

The Friday(9/3/2012) morning i placed the plant in the water but then the water clearity changed to greenish-grey again and i couldnt get the roots under the substrate and i moved the jar so that the substrate can cover the roots better.

Saterday(10/3/2012) i removed a cup of water and replaced it with the same amount.

By Monday(12/3/2012) the water was cleared.

Thursday(15/3/2012) i had to travel with the jar to cumpus so i removed all thewater in the jar but as soon as i got on cumpus i refilled it again so the seemed when the substrate mix with the water it takes a few days to clear up.So on this day i gave the jar to Kyle

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