Monday, April 23, 2012

Baze update

hey guys i am posting about my fish the morning he is at the bottom of the jar and in the afternoon into nights he is at the top in between the will be the fourth time i will be changing the water and cleaning the algae off the sides of the jar.It takes at least a week for the algae to build up so every weekend i have to clean it.Ive also noticed that me and my partner have a bond with the fish, because when we give the fish food he swims up to get it from our hands.yesterday i purchased new food for the fish and still need to see whether he enjoys it or  not.i also purchased a snail which sticks to the glass to reduce the algae on the sides.Blaze flairs out his fins towards the snail as he is very territorial and seems threatend  that another living species is living with him.Blaze seems very comfortable in his environment although feeding him can be a challenge as sometimes he spits the food back out.

The plant is growing very nicely but it seems to accumulate a lot of bacteria between the leaves and is very difficult to clean when changing the water,one leave is also beginning to turn yellow due to the fact that its dying.i will change the position of the tank so that less sun enters the tank and less bacteria will spread, i will post next on whether it worked or not.i will also be buying a tube pipe to suck out any bacteria that accumulates between the leaves. pictures will be put on my next post of how the snail and fish are interacting with one another,   

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