Thursday, April 26, 2012

 Well then, so far my fish, Mustard, is doing pretty good. He is healthy, has grown a bit and quite the eater. Mustard seems to enjoy the dried out worms, that were given, so much that he picks them up from the bottom of the tank. I'm not sure if fish shed but i had noted a couple of weeks back that he's skin at the tip of he's fins appeared dark and shortly after that it began to tear off.

My relationship with Mustard has improved amazingly because as soon as i lift the lid of the jar he swims to the surface and he can feed off my hand now. I know that he is happy because not a day goes by without me seeing him blow a fair share of bubbles.

I have noted that in the evenings he seems to swim near the bottom of the tank and when he wants to sleep or when he is sleeping he will be among the leaves of our amazon.

I have finally observed Sir Mustard either urinate or poop I'm not quite sure but the substance appeared purple. I now know that after Betta's do their business the sort of flick it away by swimming vigorously until it has diffused nicely in the water.

Our amazon also appears to be doing well but something unusual that i have noticed is that one of the growing leaves has holes and a whole lot of them.

Overall I'd say our plant and fish are living the good life...


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