Thursday, April 26, 2012

ooooh our darling fish, Fluffy, looks incredible. I have noticed that in the morning he tends to swim up to the surface and gradually moves down to the bottom as the day proceeds. In the afternoon I noticed that he stays in the middle of 'tank' and swims actively around the plant. Fluffy has displayed unusual behavior, well according to Mr Knight, he swims to the bottom of the tank to find some of the food that has fallen to the bottom. when it has picked up what he thinks is food, he spits it out and carries on with the search.

Recently I added a plastic tortoise to the tank. He did not notice it for a few days, but when he finally did he showed some territorial behavior. It was amusing because he circled the docile animal and made his fins expand in order to look bigger.

I am going to try the mirror again to see how the behavior will change if he sees 'one of his own'.


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