Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Changing his food

Hello everyone, I am back to report on my beta fish X. I have made some changes in the tank, I removed some of the leaves that has died, with this action I think I made his burrow on top a bit smaller or thinner and I don't think he appreciated this very much because he immediately moved to the bottom of the tank where he remained for most of the day.

I also removed  some of the uneaten food with a tweezers as Mr. Knight had told us this is also a good way to keep the tank clean.

I have also changed his food to observe weather he will feed on it, I have now used prepared foods- foods that are non-living made by aquaist. the type of prepared food is dry food which is available as pallets, sticks, tablets, granules, and wafers either manufactured to float or sink, depending on the species requirements.this type of food is ideally suited to top-dwellers and mid-water fish though some species will consume it if it settles at the bottom of the tank. when I fed him yesterday I thought I would add both food types and see which he prefers, immediately he ate the fish food which we had received from Mr Knight, the freeze dried food.

In taking the adaptive management a step further I decided to add a guppy to his tank, a very small silver one so on my next blog we'll explore the days of the lives of X and the guppy. I am also trying to get hold of a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water.  

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