Tuesday, April 24, 2012

okay...i have actually witnessed Fanta making a bubble nest. on the surface layer of the water there are some bubbles and this morning while i was observing what is happening in the tank i actually saw the fish excreting bubbles out his mouth.

i now have seven leaves on my plant since most of the leaves had died so i broke the dead ones off.....and i have found the cause of the brown algae that appears on the glass. the cause of the brown algae could be that there is too little light coming into the tank, the oxygen levels could be low or that there are silicates and nitrates in my tank. tap water is high in silicate acid and the tank is filled with tap water but there are no other substrates that gets added to the tank to equalize the water pH.

the other type of algae i found in my tank was green....well the actual name for this is cyanobacteria or blue-green algae and this slimy and sometimes gives off a swampy or fishy odour. the cause of this algae could be that there is excess light coming in, high levels of organic waste or not enough oxygen coming into the tank.

lol, so i read up on both these algae issues. both responses says that there needs to be sufficient oxygen in my tank, so i need to increase the amount of oxygen as well as try and improve the lighting system. that might be challenging though as i need to get something that will go into the tank. as i read further it said that water needs to be changed quite often so yes...i thought i was lucky for a moment when i didn't clean my tank as much but that is also one of the requirements to reduce the amounts of algae that develop in your tank.

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