Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting Bison back

Two weeks ago I recieved Bison from my partner. I never wanted to bother him for the day since he had a long trip so I wanted him to get used to his environment.

The next day I noticed that the water level was a bit low for the plant and I didnt look like the plant would grow nicely. So I added a little more water into the jar. Bison seemed to really enjoy the new water level since he was swimming frantically at the top.

What I also noticed was that Bison would swim alot more then when I first got him. And he now swims up when I want to feed him, before he would swim down and later eat up the food. I have heard that some peoples fishes spit their food out and that it is common but there is no signs of that with Bison, even when I think I gave him too much too eat he still eats it. Hope he does not turn into a shark, haha

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