Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have you observed your fish breathing air?

2011 Y(25) N(5), 2012 Y(47) N(16)

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  1. 83% of the class said yes in 2011 and 74% of the people in the class this year said yes too. This is the majority and I think to the people who said; 'yes they've observed their fish breathing air', is because of a little attention to detail. The people who said 'no' probably weren't looking and missed it every time the fish took a gulp. Either that or maybe their fish are really calm. I say this because every time I see my fish under stress I notice he immediately gulps for air. This happens if I do a non-smooth water change and as I try to pour the clean water into the tank from the top of the jar, the fish gets caught in the water currents and quickly tries to swim to the surface to breath air. Also when I make him flare with a mirror, he swims to the surface to gulp air...
    So for those who haven't observed it yet, try watch your fish carefully the next time you do a water change. Maybe you'll see your fish breath air.