Monday, April 30, 2012

Pirhana Munch Munch


Hey all! Hope your fishy friends are well?

Algae started growing on the sides of the jar again so I had to clean it off. Problem is Pirhana refused to be removed from the tank! I don't like dropping the water level so far down while he is in the tank. I managed though (challenge overcome!) i put in warm water this time round (21 degrees Celsius). I have never seen Pirhana that active, ever! His quite a character. I was quite interested to see his reaction to the mirror experiment so I tried it after I cleaned the tank. Get this, Pirhana doesn't attack, he swims away!! The little coward. It took a while for him to notice his reflection and when he did he flared his fins then turned on his tail and swam for his life.

Also one of the bigger leaves started to turn brown and as I removed it I noticed that there was a new leaf growing! (super excited). I can finally relax because it seems like all is well in Pirhana's world :) Kaylyn gets him on Wednesday and she will add the little bag containing Zeolite to the tank and report on Pirhana's behaviour with regard to the new addition to his world.

Regards, Q & Pirhana

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