Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hey guys last week me and my partner almost lost Oscar over a very traumatic incident,he was almost eaten by a cat of the house where my partner is staying,the fish tank was placed in a not high area ,so the cat wanted to jump and put its hand inside the fish tank so that it can eat the fish for its meal lol,luckily my partner Ilahm came just intime and saw this happening,she then chased the cat away from the fish tank and than put a lead ontop of the fish tank,so that the cat will not be able to put its hand inside the fish tank and take the fish,well i can say that that method that she used only helped for a day,the cat then thought of another clever way to get the fish,it was jumping near where by the fish tank was located and trying to push the fish tank down so that it can break open ,so luckily again my partner came just intime to rescue the fish and she saw this happening,eish she then placed the fish tank at the top area where by the cat wont be able to reach the fish,then she did that and thats how little Oscar was rescued ,Hew i freaked out when she told me what had almost happened,really adore that fish ,i was shorely gonna hate that cat for eating our fish,but it was a lesson for both us and my partner to be very careful next time ,i guess it was faith that saved Oscar,im glad that happened.

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