Friday, April 20, 2012

DJ's Behaviour and eating Habbits

Within the first 48 hours of having DJ, i noticed that he was not swimming around, he didn't display any signs of energy or hapiness and looked very lethargic. I knew immediatly that I needed to do some changes. I first though that maybe DJ was not happy with the water, so i cleaned it one more time, but yet DJ's actions stayed the same.
I then realized that he wasn't eating, with evidence to the fact that the food wich was given to us in class was laying at the bottom of the glass. I then knew that I needed to change his diet. I did some research on the types of food in which betta fish enjoy eating and I came across a product called Tetra- Shrimp and krill food for Betta fish. And it only costed R69. The shop owner said that I should feed DJ once a day because most Betta's only eat once a day. But each Betta is different from one another so I did some experimenting.
For two weeks I tried different eating patterns and emount of food in which i gave my fish. I tried feeding it in the evening, in the morning and in the afternoon. I tried giving my fish different anounts of food etc. Until I came across the perfect eating habbit for DJ. I knew that he was happy with it because I could see the way in wich he acted that he was a happy fish. He started swimming around more lively and his scales even gave off a sought of glossy finnish to it.
The eating pattern was that I give it was a pinch of food (similar to a pinch of salt in which we put in our food) twice a day. Once in the morning and then again late in the afternoon.


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