Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi there! Myself and Megan's fish Gru is doing very well. Since we got him, he has become a brighter blue. I try to keep his tank as clean as possible, so I clean it at least once a week. I cleaned his tank last week Wednesday day, and by Saturday I noticed that he started making a bubble nest again. He spends most of his name close to the leaves of the plants, and every so often swims a bit and goes up for air. I wondered why he comes up for air and I researched it. I read that the reason Gru comes up for air is because he has a special organ called a "Labyrinth" at thee top of his head, this allows him to take up air. We bought a fish food called "Betta" and we got him Shrimp and Krill flavor. He seems to be enjoying it! :)

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