Thursday, April 19, 2012

okay... so i know im very delayed on my blogging. Let me start by introducing you to my son (my fish)... His name is Pac (yes, as in Tupac.) When i first got him, he was a dull green colour, i think thats probably because he didn't enjoy being in that plastic bag for so long. On the first day of collecting him, my partner took Pac home and introduced him to his new home... in a jar... with a plant for company. I can only hope my partner provided some form of entertainment.
Pac adjusted to his new surroundings very well over the first two weeks because I noticed his colour changed to a vibrant darkish blue and purple. When I feed him , he immediately eats his food. I havent seen any signs of him letting his food sink to the bottom.
Within the first month Pac swam around at the bottom of the jar, more than than the top. And now he seems to like playing and swimming around the leaves of the plant. he blows bubbles quite often and i've been told that means he's happy. So therefore, im happy  :)
My plant is still growing. Cutting of leaves is necessary because they tend to grow over the mouth of the jar. But still healthy and growing well.

Ill be back soon to share some more of Pacs development. Peace

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