Saturday, April 28, 2012

Betta Type & Colour

I've been reading up on all the different tail types and I can't before sure which tail my betta splenden has. I think it's most likely a 'Hearttail'. This is actually a type of double tail that hasn't formed properly, but is very much sought after! It basically doesn't have the full split in the double tail, only a little split which gives it a heart shape. Hence the name… I did at first think it was a 'tripple tail', but they are said to be very rare, so hearttail is a better bet. It's also the border line of a fuse tail, but they all look so similar it is difficult to tell.
In any case, its colour is turquoise - like the more blue turquoise - and it has little red dorsal fins. It's head is black/grey, and when he flares his head changes to pitch black.
After looking though hundreds of pictures of different betta splendens, I havn't seen one that looks just like mine??
I do think my betta is a strange little fish, and even after seeing lots of different bettas at pet shops too, none of them have been close to looking like Blue. This to me is unique :) I do have suspicions that Blue's fines are a result of improper breeding. This is very likely amongst pet shops and betta breading.
 Blue is probably just a little inbred. This only makes him more special and pretty unique.

This web page was nice to read up on once you already know your fishes fin type. Otherwise if you google there is so much information on betta fish! Good luck figuring out what type of fins yours has got :)
This is an old picture but it shows Blue's fins really nicely.

Here you can see how I thought he might have a tripple tail fin. You can see three looking sections in his tail.

This picture I took of Blue today while I was making him flare in a mirror. Flaring makes them 'puff out' their fins. I thought this would give me a good picture of how his fins look. You can see the distinct semi-split in his tail. This classifies him as a hearttail. But you can also see his fins have an unusual shape. I couldn't find any pictures or descriptions of a tail like this one. Maybe someone can find one in their search?

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