Sunday, April 29, 2012

Free Willy's Type

Free Willy is still doing great, seems to be healthy and fit since his eating regularly and swimming around and seems to be all round happy. Since I first got him, he definitely has grown a bit and colour is still dark blue with hints of purple by his tail and body. Free Willy has not shown much gill activity so i was quite surprised when I put a mirror in front of my tank and found him flaring up his gills at the sight of himself. That was pretty cool because his never done that before. He swims pretty much all over the tank, he comes up to the top when we walk pass the tank and then he would swim in cirles, so theres not really a distinct way in which he prefers to swim. I did some reserch and noticed that he has a double tail and double tailed bettas usually has thicker body and wider backside, which is the same as Free Willy so this made me come to the conclusion of the double tail. I clean his tank about twice a week now because if not then the water becomes quite mucky easily and I also remove uneaten food as it helps keep the water cleaner for longer.

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