Monday, April 23, 2012

I haven"t blogged for a I might type out an essay....

So Fanta is in a big tank. While listening to the lecture this morning Rich had said that we should blog everything from the tinniest difference to the most intrigued. Well, here is my story.

Since the time my partner Abia and I got Fanta I had kept him as I had a tank a long time ago and since our jar was still murky we could not place him in there so I took him home..up until today I still have him and have done some changes...I have a heater in my tank which has been set at 24 degrees celcius so my water temperature is similar to the water temperature in its natural environment. I also have artificial light in my tank as well as a filter and some artificial plants so I don't have to change my water as much as you all do, which is quite cool...(lol..less work for me)...the only thing that bothers me a lot is that recently there has been two different kinds of algae growing in my tank. One colour is brown and the other is coloured green, so I'm currently trying to find some research on that.

Fanta's behaviour patterns had also changed. Lately, he has been more active in the tank and often I would find him swimming on the top of the evenings when there is a lot of activity happening in the lounge, when its quiet he normally is found at the bottom of the tank. he looks quite bigger since he first have arrived so there is progress showing that he eats...I feed Fanta 3 times a day, that is only because humans eat about 3 times a day and i treat the little fella like my friend.

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