Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Amazon Sword Plant continues...

Just over a week ago I posted about my dying Amazon Sword Plant. I added pebbles into my tank to secure the roots of my plant, and this (I said) would be my last attempt in saving the plant.

I gave it a week.

The last four leaves died completely and yesterday I wanted to do my water change and completely remove the whole plant from the tank, roots and all.
Janine and I spent Thursday afternoon, going to different pet shops to try and find new aquatic plants but the pet shops only had fake plants. I wanted to get a new plant on Thursday so that I could replace my plant that Friday, but now i still have to find a plant.
So back to the water change I was doing yesterday...
as I was about to start the water changing process, I realized that my plant had a tiny new leaf beginning to grow!
 This seems ridiculous as all the other leaves were dead by now.

As you can see the last four leaves that have died. Only one leaf still has a little pigment left on half its leaf and entire stalk. Right at the base is the tiny new leaf.

At first I was so determined to get this plant to survive, but now I think the plant is the one who is determined!
I really don't think that this leaf will help the plant much, but I'll give it a chance. I cut off the last 3 dead leaves. I've left the half dead one because it still has a little chlorophyll that might help the baby leaf. I've neatened the left over cut stalks and trimmed them as much as I could.
Now my plant looks ridiculous:

I Really don't have much hope for this plant, but letting it try wont hurt :)

So now I am watching this little leaf very carefully. If I see it begin to slightly go brown, or not grow any bigger, I will remove it straight away. 
For now, yet again, all I can do is observe and wait.
Maybe this is a new beginning for the plant!


  1. Hi, have you tried adding that plant food they gave us when you changed the water? Wouldnt do any harm right?

  2. Yes, thanks for that. I added the food right at the beginning when I first added the plant, and again a week before this new little leaf appeared. Maybe that's why this leaf grew, either way I didn't think the plant would survive and today I removed it and added a new plant. My first plant was an endless battle.