Thursday, April 19, 2012


Opon receiving my Fighter ,I firstly took note of his physical appearence(colour).Once I entered the fish into the three litre container,he seemed abit distort and his movement seemed sluggish.After about 24 hours his behaviour was the complete opposite.He inturn displated great energy as he was constantly swimming around the container.This could be due to the fish adapting to his environment and therefore feeling comfortable.The fact that there were bubbles(air pockets) present on the surface of the water, highlights that the fish was fairly happy and comfortable in his suuroundings.After about a week his colour seemed to intensify and progressed to a bright shade of red.With regards to his feeding process, I noted that he was not fond of the intial food given to us.I then proceeded to purchase fish food from a local pet shop and his feeding habits return to normal.

The plant however seemed to deteriorate within the period of two weeks.The leaves seemed to lack colour and certain leaves were then removed.With a water change and added water nutraliser, the plant seemed to regain its once lush form.

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